BERGAND is an industrial company devoted to the production of garments of ACTIVEWEAR, CORPORATEWEAR and PROTECTIVEWEAR. Being BERGAND a cluster of companies, it allows our company to enjoy strong competitive advantages, building a good position in the clothing industry, making BERGAND on of the most potential companies in Portugal.

This new approach to the market gives us the capacity of developing new and innovative products and fulfilling the needs in whatever refers to different and demanding clients, in terms of innovation, quality, service and flexibility.

Our production facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated and innovative technology and high qualified technicians, specialized in each process in areas like research & developing, Design, Product Development, Weaving, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing, Cutting, Sewing and Finishing and logistics.

All the companies of this cluster are situated in our same private industrial park, with an area of 18.000 square meters, BERGAND looks to the future by developing its activity in demanding business areas facing constant evolution in this global market.

As an innovative company, it is our desire to continuously improve our process, service and achievements to fulfil the high demands of the market.