IMPRIMIS by GULBENA is a brand owned by GULBENA TEXTEIS S.A. specialize in print Woven and Knitted fabrics on demand and enables you to outsource your print production using DIGITAL PRINTING TECHNOLOGY.

With digital print technology the limitation of printing designs disappears.

The digital print method offers a world of unlimited colours and repeats, to achieve the many possibilities of high-end creative fabrics.

The extremely flexible methods, makes it possible to print your own design and offers a wonderful freedom of expression.

All IMPRIMIS fabrics are printed with Inkjet – Reactive Method which is applicable to Cotton, Modal, Viscose, Lyocel, Linen and Silk as well as to their blends, using different structures.

Our Inkjet plant is equipped with the most advanced Tools, Management Systems and Production Equipments located in a upgraded facilities with controlled Temperature and Humidity to ensure the best results and to maintain regularity and proper standards of digital printing.

A fully dyeing and finishing plant equipped whit mechanical and wet equipments ensure the correct pretreatment and finishing operations to delivery every month 100.000 meters of Inkjet prints, in different fabrics, structures and compositions.