TTT TECH offers dyeing, printing and finishing services. Through its 30 years of existence it has managed to create a strong image on competitive and trustworthy services. Nowadays, it presents itself as a company with a vast experience in high-tech and fashionable products with services specially oriented to knitwear.

Its strategy focuses on the constant reinforcement of its presence in the textile market, always ahead in what concerns market changes and challenges, maintaining an adequate set of machinery and building a very competent and enthusiastic human resources team, devoted to new techniques and technologies. The company operates in an area of 12.000m2 dived in three sectors:

a) Dyeing of fabrics – with an annual capacity of 2.4 millions kilograms a year, it is prepared to process all kind of fabrics with a very high degree of flexibility.

b) Finishing and printing of fabrics – It is prepared to process 15 millions meters a year using chemical and mechanical processes.